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(posted on 8 Apr 2017)

Just another bump in the road. My studio is waiting for me. And I will be back.

(posted on 7 Mar 2017)

You win some & you lose some.

I love how "Whistling Teapot" printed.

But I lost "Stand Tall and Whistle". It did not proof well, so I played with it 🤐 ....

I ruined the plate. I liked the image idea, so maybe I well try again. For now I am going to work on editioninng " Whistling Teapot" .

(posted on 24 Feb 2017)

Just stopping by to show you the two etched plates. Copper plates always look so beautiful etched. I am really interested in seeing how the aluminum plate prints.

See you soon.

(posted on 19 Feb 2017)

I am working on two more plates and they make me smile. I hope they etch well.

"Stand Tall and Whistle" This is an Aluminum plate.

And I call this copper plate - "Whistling Teapot"

I hope to be back soon with something interesting on paper. All the best to you from Debra.

(posted on 12 Feb 2017)

Ok , it is a slow process of clean up, sort plates, sign prints from 2015, and design new images. Three new ideas in the works and this one is a let's play with a damaged plate and see how it prints.

I do not know where my spirit was last year, but I am trying to find it this year.

(posted on 10 Jan 2017)

Christmas is all packed up and the kids are all back to work and studies.

Terry right now is comfortable and that is all we can hope for now.

Shopping with the girls after Christmas I picked up this little canvas frame.

Smile and get to work. Be back soon.

(posted on 19 Sep 2016)

My garden is happy.

It has been extremely rough times since last posting. Terry''s health has not been good.

I gave away one batch of indigo, but just finished another and I dyed more paper. Yes, I dream about printing again sometime.

(posted on 26 Jul 2016)

Early Morning

Last Tuesday was a lovely temperature and I am so glad I took advantage of it and played with my Indigo.

I dyed lots of paper for printmaking in the fall and winter. It was a nice break from the humidity and all Terry's health issues. A full time caregiver needs lots of hobbies and zen time. And that is what Tuesday was all about.

Here is a picture story of my day on the patio.

I have three pots of indigo.

It takes a good 3 or more hours to pick all the leaves and fill four large jars for the indigo tea.

It looked sad after the picking but it is already growing back and in a couple of weeks I can harvest again.

Me preparing the Indigo bath.

I played with blotted paper and wet paper and had a lot of fun.

The wet effect was my favourite.

Plain blue is nice but it was fun adding resists like can tops and layering the paper in the Indigo bath.

It was a great day.

PS, I took this moon photo another day from my patio door.

Just seemed like a nice end to today's blog :)

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(posted on 6 Jul 2016)

The garden is bursting with color now. And I am having fun harvesting my tea & dye plants everyday.

Our Garden is such a blessing.

(posted on 23 Jun 2016)

The garden will soon have lots of color. Not playing in the studio these days :)

I harvested my first Indigo batch this week.

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