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I wish you'd live somewhere around here in Switzerland. I'd like to take some printing lessons.
Christof - 13 Jun 2012
Lovely blog. Is that a spinning wheel - a Reeves - in the background? Are you also a handspinner?
jamie - 6 Jun 2012
What fun you had, it is great to work with other printmakers!
Anna Pye - 7 May 2012
Your collaborative print day looks such a lot of fun, good to get out now and again and mingle!
Jan - 5 May 2012
Love exploring your blog, always something new and wonderfull. Thankyou, cheers Sharon
Sharon Lee - 25 Mar 2012
Lovely dragons Debra - beautiful shapes and composition.
Jo Price - 15 Jan 2012
Lovely dragons Debra - beautiful shapes and composition.
Jo Price - 15 Jan 2012
Hi again's been a year since my last visit, so I'm glad to see you are still here and still blogging for peace!! :-) [A link to your post will be on my blog 'Peace Bloggers Unite' soon] If you think you're too small to be effective, you've never been to bed with a mosquito - Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop
Annelisa - 19 Nov 2011
Happy Peace Day I will certainly join in next year ...thanks for following my blog that means I have found your lovely blog .....x
Lorna - 6 Nov 2011
Best wishes to you and yours for peace today and in all the days to come.
Travis - 5 Nov 2011
I like the thoughts behind your puppet prints. I think we all feel a little like this sometimes. Many are thinking of Hallow e'en here in the UK now it is October(there is a zombie march in Brighton and zombie computer games sell out apparently). It is thought the cult of the zombie is rising especially in the young as there is little to look forward to after years of war and economic depression. It makes me wonder if we actually need some strings to keep us up.
Bella - 23 Oct 2011
Nice prints! Great Blog! You can check for more etching.
Rézkarcfitness - 29 Sep 2011
I love how your print "Who's Your Puppet Master?" looks like a woodcut at first- I like it when prints fool me! Did you use chine colle or did you print the plate in relief and intaglio to get the two colors?
Whitney Broadaway - 8 Sep 2011
best of luck on your group show!
stephanie roberts - 11 Aug 2011
I just had my first look at your web site. It is very impressive. I love your work. Am planning to go to the Britannia Gallery exhibit.
Alison James - 8 Aug 2011
Hi, I found your blog and think it's inspiring. I put it on my blog's inspiring bogs list. I'd like to have printing press at my schoolhouse in order to be able to teach more printing. Christof
Christof - 31 Jul 2011
I came to your blog via Mangle Prints. I am a printmaker in England and have just started a blog, I really love your work.
Anna Pye - 6 Jul 2011
I love the energy of your marks. They're very expressive and full of life. Your works are very captivating.
Shelley Whiting - 10 May 2011
I love your images.Great work. Business Logo Design
Business logo design - 9 May 2011
It is always a joy to visit your blog, you never cease to inspire me, I hope that one day I will get a chance to do Edinburgh lift.
mycuriousteaparty - 29 Apr 2011
Hi Debra, I see that you also use the Edinburgh etch to etch your plates. It took me some time to work out the non-toxic way of etching plates and now I'm glad I did! Still, you know how tricky printmaking can be! I 've enjoyed looking at your work!
Anne May - 24 Apr 2011
Debra - I know your name from somewhere but not a clue where! I'm in Teesside UK, a somewhat lapsed printmaker at the moment (I'm writing instead) although my press nags me daily. Enjoyed this site and will follow when I can find out how. You can find out more about my work on
Sandra Davies - 20 Apr 2011
I love the depth and the multilayering you achieve, it makes the prints so interesting that you don't see everything straight away. Best, Jan
Jan - 29 Mar 2011
Wonderful work good creations
SKIZO - 1 Mar 2011
Just beautiful!
Teresa - 1 Feb 2011
I love the rabbit prints you made! But then a like rabbits very much ;-) I find printmaking fascinating, I was never very good at it. Like your work! (
Celine - 17 Jan 2011
Hi Debra Well done on your printmaking being featured in the Biennial Duoro in Portugal. I received the catalogue in the post today and it is absolutely fantastic. What a big heavy well designed and printed product. It does justice to the wonderful range of artists works featured there in. Happy New Year Aine
Aine Scannell - 7 Jan 2011
Your peace post is now linked in my blog: Peace Bloggers Unite
Annelisa - 4 Dec 2010
this print is beautiful! i'm a printmaker too. have just begun printing again after having 3 children and several years. am trying to learn how to print without all the chemicals..using the new water based inks, solar's not the same as oil based and acid etched, but i am trying! http://www.jikits
kim baise - 1 Dec 2010
Who could forget the copper peace doves? And now they take flight. I gasped when I saw the image. I love the idea of them flying from (or to) your home and taking on an even more concrete presence in the world as they spread the peace in flight. Beautifully done, as always. #1903 in the Official Gallery I did a post about you, the print you sent to me and another Canadian friend during the week of BlogBlast. I think you might have missed it. Here it is. Peace!
Mimi Lenox - 20 Nov 2010
Thank you for your words about Peace.
Travis - 6 Nov 2010
I totally fell in love with your Peaceglobe when Mimi showed it on Facebook! And now I see you have beautiful words to go with it! I particularly liked "Bottom line is we all need to care more, and stop thinking about ourselves as individuals in the world."...we are always being told to be individual and stand out, but perhaps we sometimes forget that we are part of a society too... Peace to you and yours Annelisa at Words that flow
Annelisa - 6 Nov 2010
I love all your images for Blogblast for Peace and your words. Peace to you and yours. :) - 5 Nov 2010
Lovely peace globe and art work. Peace.
Raven - 4 Nov 2010
Found you from the Dona Nobis Pacem. I love your site. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!
Kate - 4 Nov 2010
I love your copper peace doves over Ottawa. I got married in Ottawa back in the long ago day!!!! I remember all the tulips.
Sherry Blue Sky - 4 Nov 2010
Wonderful posting for a wonderful day May peace be with us all today and always
Vinny Bond - 4 Nov 2010
Your work is beautiful. Art is a love expression. And it does bring peace.
Bluezy - 4 Nov 2010
Hello! I'm peace post blog-hopping today and I wanted to thank you for your post. I liked the peace globe you shared, too. Last year was my first year with the blogblast, and I think I actually remember your copper birds. So the update was appreciated. Good advice, too: tolerance. thanks for sharing.
goodnightgram - 4 Nov 2010
Lovely photos. Let there be peace on earth...
Adelle Laudan - 4 Nov 2010
I'm just starting to play around with printmaking and recently discovered your blog. I live in Maine now - are there any of your followers who teach in my neck of the woods? I'm interested in the non-toxic aspect for sure. I'm inspired already by your creativity! Looking forward to being a subscriber. Best to you!
Kellie Brooks - 24 Oct 2010
Interesting blog. The seasons have changed here as well, and I am finding myself doodling more.
Tiny - 7 Oct 2010
Hi Debra this is a well done works and web+ blog, I am living in Toronto and if snow doesn't come early I planning to visit Ottawa.It could be a great privilege if you allow me to visit your studio or some others print artist there.Thanks and best wishes of success!
Agustin Rolando Rojas - 26 Sep 2010
Hi there, I was just trying to find some information about printmaking studios in Ottawa and I stumbled upon your blog! Lovely fleece. Could you tell me anything about print studios one can join in Ottawa? I'm considering living there and I would need to have access to the equipment. I am also quite interested in learning some more environmentally friendly techniques. Drop me an email if you get a chance. Thank you!
Morgan - 22 Sep 2010
I love the soft colors that you are achieving with your natural dyes! Isn't playing with wool grand?
Judy - 19 Sep 2010
The wool died with Queen Ann's Lace is an especially nice colour. I remember when we were in PEI you used to talk about dying with Old Man's Beard. Are you going to try that sometime?
Maida - 18 Sep 2010
Dye-pot party 2. What a great jumper those colours would make. Great blog, I love popping in to visit.
Julie Howe - 18 Sep 2010
Hi Deb, I really like your Patches of Life. Janet
Janet Boswall - 13 Sep 2010
Hi Debra, I like what you are doing with your prints! There's no way to go wrong with a quilt design.
Judy - 8 Sep 2010
Ah, a print maker! I also have a basement studio with a baby press and--when I print--use non toxic printmaking techniques. I started out making monoprints using water color paints on mylar. Haven't printed in some time though, as I'm painting on silk and have not lately incorporated printmaking on silk. Thank you for putting my blue dragon on your page of favorite images from flikr.
suzanna Leigh - 7 Aug 2010
Hi Debra, I just happened upon your site and it's lovely to see how well your are doing. I've been wondering where you've been and I'm delighted to see that it is Ottawa...great city. They will love your work. Congratulations...I love your copper explorations. All the best, Denise
Denise Reiser - 30 Jul 2010
Hello Debra, i am working on your "welcome" to my blog posting, and came across your "me and my guitar" work, i just wanted to tell you i thought it was wonderful. There is something utterly evocative in the shape of the dreadnought guitar, and the printing is just beautiful. Lovely.
Stephanie - 1 Jul 2010
Debra, I always love checking into your site!
Jean Levert Hood - 2 May 2010
Very interesting and original, I look forward to delving deeper into your older posts. Thanks.
Jan Kellett - 2 May 2010
Glad I found you, beautiful photos :) Marinela xx
Marinela - 13 Apr 2010
I really enjoy your kite series. I like how you mix the mono print and etching. Im currently working on developing skill in etching and silkscreen. I like in the shadow prints how it gives it a feeling of time and place with the ability to show a rainy day.
Stephanie - 12 Apr 2010
Thanks for your positive comment on my work on Print Universe. As you will see, I have checked out your website and blog and I notice that some of our training overlaps. You took Keith Howard's Non-toxic course in Canada and I did it in Scotland. Your copper project looks interesting - I'll watch your work. Best wishes from England.
Linda Nevill - 13 Mar 2010
I love this kite series, the weaving of the paper is such a great touch, playful like the subject. I just noticed your drying rack too, how clever, I wonder if I could build something like that, racks are so pricey.
Carole Ricketts - 3 Mar 2010
Debra, I love your work. I've never really done any printmaking worth mentioning here! Very much enjoy the process you write about, and of course, seeing the finished product. Excellent work!
Karen Sloan ~ Wall Flower Studio - 23 Feb 2010
I like your work. Printmaking looks like an interesting process. Very cool.
Karen - - 19 Feb 2010
I love seeing where you work. That book press looks nice in the foreground. I have one that is a bit worn in finish but it works fine just not pretty.
Kathryn - 12 Feb 2010
I love the weaving you're doing.
AnnieB - 8 Feb 2010
Very beautiful work Debra! You were truly blessed with talent, thank you for sharing. Darlene
Darlene Clevenger - 7 Feb 2010
I like your woven papers. Adds a nice dimensionality to the print.
Ellen Shipley - 5 Feb 2010
I love the new print! It's the perfect name, and the little one offering the flower to the swan is absolutely adorable!
Eliza Jane Phillis - 4 Feb 2010
Enjoyed looking around your blog. You have such fun things happening here
Artsnark - 3 Feb 2010
Like the weaving you're doing, with your printing. Nice
KP - 21 Jan 2010
Really enjoying your copper triangles work, and I am soooo happy to see that you have a helper! Cracks me up, love it!!
Jean Levert Hood - 23 Nov 2009
Debra - I am always WOW'D by your peace project. This year is no different. How awesome that you devoted an entire day to the Peace Dove art project. The results are calming...amazing!....and as always, artistic in a way only you can accomplish. I will be back to explore more of this post and take these images to the Gallery. I love it! And thank you for the lovely condolences you left on my site. Peace to you.. Mimi
Mimi Lenoxx - 17 Nov 2009
I love jour art project, jou are very creative
Melinda Barwanietz Bezeredy - 17 Nov 2009
I love the praying hands and will be curious what more you do with them!
Sara @Soulspackle - 10 Nov 2009
I am in awe of your Copper Spirit of Peace! It really bursts with energy, reaches out. I really like the photos that have buildings in them. They somehow ground this energy and connect the message to people.
manuela - 8 Nov 2009
love this photo!! looks so yummy, too.
shannon - 7 Nov 2009
I love your art project! To me, it represents how we must keep trying for however long it takes. We should never give up, because something wonderful is sure to happen when we least expect it. Peace to you and yours.
Travis - 6 Nov 2009
Absolutely stunning. I am in awe. Peace to you and yours!
dawn - 6 Nov 2009
Wow! You really went all out. I am working my way through the peace blogs so I can be inspired. I must say, I AM!!!!
goodnightgram - 6 Nov 2009
that's a wonder art depicting peace. you are very creative. congrats for a job well done. thank you for the visit, Debra!
Arlene - 6 Nov 2009
Another kick-ass art expression for Peace! 'My Copper Spirit of Peace Heading into the Night' is my favorite. I love your event-inspired art activity - it's so invigorating. Truly.
Julia Smith - 5 Nov 2009
That was lovely. Peace to you and yours.
marilyn - 5 Nov 2009
Beautiful. ☮Peace☮
rose - 5 Nov 2009
Thank you for participating in the BlogBlast For Peace! What a wonderful montage of photos..thank you so very much for sharing VinnyBond
VinnyBond - 5 Nov 2009
Very cool artwork with the peace dove. Happy BlogBlast to you!
secret agent woman - 5 Nov 2009
Wow. What a talent you have. Gorgeous work.
Adelle Laudan - 5 Nov 2009
This is a very nice blog... I can see that you put a lot of heart on your posts, that's why I'm sure I'd visit here more often. Anyway, if you have time, you can visit my blog as well, Abstract Art Painting / Buy Abstract Art. See yah!
Wireworks - 4 Nov 2009
I totally though the music note coming out the poor little guy's head was a ball cap :) I'm enjoying this daily blogging, and like the new image.
Eliza Jane Phillis - 2 Nov 2009
How fascinating - can't wait to see how it turns out!
Julia Smith - 2 Nov 2009
I'm fascinated with your copper plates. I did some etching with zinc years ago with those awful chemicals... its good there are non-toxic ways to etch now. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my print.
Carole Baker - 29 Oct 2009
Thanks Debra, for your comment on my blog regarding creativity..... it does hurt, to be creative..... but it is also the most fantastic blessing! As I am sure you know, having seen your work. All the best, Mariann
Mariann Johansen-Ellis - 29 Oct 2009
Hey, the guitar pictures turned out really well! The plate looks super nice. Just one question...why does someone with beautiful long hair need to wear a scarf on her head to achieve the "long flowing hair" look?
Eliza Jane Phillis - 22 Oct 2009
I love this Debra!!! Wonderful photos on this post. I'll remember the tip on where to *not* blow bubbles!
Jean Levert Hood - 29 Sep 2009
I love the kite-plate with the mirror. It looks like it's really flying! I'm also glad you found your bubbles :) Who's clothes did you spot? That'll teach them to do their own laudry!
Eliza Jane Phillis - 24 Sep 2009
Hey! I like your prints! I'll be following!
Nina - 13 Sep 2009
Hey, Debra! Thanks for your comment! I've added your blog to my links list, so that the kids in my class can become familiar with printmaking before we start classes next semester. Don't be surprised if I write to pick your brain for project ideas, book suggestions, etc. I love all the stuff you're working on. Great stuff. You inspire me!
Robin Hernandez - 6 Sep 2009
I like your dragons in your windows.
Janet Boswall - 5 Sep 2009
Glad I found your website. Thanks for the comment on my Volcano Vacation pics. ALoha, Lisabongzee
Lisabongzee - 31 Jul 2009
Great beach photos! Loved the uncommon objects displayed with nature. Beautiful!
Nancy VanHoose - 23 Jun 2009
I love the heron photos, Debra! We have great blues here, but it is rare to get close enough for a good shot at them. That labyrinth is amazing.
JeanLevertHood - 18 Jun 2009
Big fan of your art and blog! You have an incredible eye for making the most commonplace objects fantastical. I especially love the mixture of the copper with the shattered mirrors.
Eliza Jane Phillis - 28 May 2009
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