Debra James Percival  
Artist Printmaker

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Island Spirit
"Island Spirit"

"An Islander’s Perspective”

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 Being a born Islander from a long line of Islanders, my roots here on Prince Edward Island are very deep. I graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1984.  I have always taken pictures but had never made it my central medium until “An Islander’s Perspective”.  I am an Artist/Printmaker/Instructor whose main passion since 1998 has been non-toxic printmaking. I love painting and drawing on Aluminium and copper plates for etching and doing collage work with ImagOn for Intaglio type prints.  During my college years I mostly printed and painted on fabrics.

memories of a wonderful day

"Memories of a Wonderful Day"

 The subject of “An Islander’s Perspective” is very dear to my heart and will be a labour of love for many many years, as this is only part one.  This is my response to my native province Prince Edward Island in the past year 2006.  It is all about family, landscape, and combining a love and respect for both.

Who's Guarding the North Shore

"Who's Guarding the North Shore"

 When I went to school there were no computers. In fact, I can remember taking typing in Junior High and the big buzz was the electric type writer.  Even in 1998 a lot of artists were still making their halftones for artwork in the darkroom.  Today I do not know anyone who is still working in a darkroom.  Technology has taken over and it is an interesting experience trying to keep up with it all.  I am really having a great time trying to do just that. I had a great chance to explore computer possibilities by volunteering at the “Interdisciplinary Research in Culture, Multimedia, Technology and Cognition” CMTC Lab at the University of Prince Edward Island.   The possibilities are endless, when working with all the new and exciting technical prospects for Visual art.  Combining sound with my images has also been an exciting experience I have been exploring this past year.  It is an added dimension to helping the audience understand what I am saying.

photo cmtc

 “An Islander’s Perspective” has opened my mind to a visual technological world of possibilities, and given me, as an Islander, a chance to re-examine what is important to me here at home. When I started working on “An Islander’s Perspective,” I wrote down three themes to describe what I wanted the artwork to invoke in a response from the audience.  The three themes were: Playful, Thought Provoking, and Positive.  I am honoured that the response has been Spiritual, Beautiful and Honest.  Thank you.

Free Spirits Dancing 

"Free Spirits Dancing"
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Islander's Perspectives sculpture
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