Debra James Percival  
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One With Copper


It is finished.  Now I have the job of editing and figuring out how to weld a sculpture together.

*Fall 2015 - I have started putting some prints and photos in my Gallery's.

Show - "One With Copper"

Overall theme of show "The Art of Playing"

Etching theme for copper plates -  "Patterns of Life"

Name of finished copper Sculpture - "Copper Spirit"

****Sample of art Installations****

 week 4week 3week 7

video at the bottom of this page or YouTube

Print - "Just Imagine"

One of my photo collages for the show

 "If We Work Together We Can Hold It Together "

If We Work Together We Can Hold It Together

"My Copper Campfire" installation week 6

page header for one with copper

 *summer update 2015*

video and more will be posted:

this is video from week 37

week 7 - When I Was A Kid

Copper in the Woods
Week 7 in the woods again
Mirror, Mirror in the Woods- week 35

Blog Blast for Peace 2008

Copper Kites on the Beach - week 38